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The primary mission of National Asset is to provide a sensible analysis to current issues that affect the Freedom, Liberty and Interests of the Citizens of the United States of America.  We are beholden only to the principles of Liberty, Freedom, Accountability, Limited Government, Personal Responsibility, and the Constitution of the United States of America. 

A secondary mission of National Asset is called Domestic Internal Defense (DID).  US Special Operations Forces have executed Foreign Internal Defense (FID) through force-multiplication efforts since the OSS trained and assisted the French Resistance in WWII.  Green Berets and SEALs have trained, educated and equipped allied and indigenous forces in the campaign against tyranny since the MAC/V/SOG period preceding the US involvement in the Vietnam War.  National Asset seeks to do the same by intellectually arming  the citizens of the United States and legal immigrants striving to become American citizens under the American principles of  freedom, liberty, Federalism and conservative fiscal policy.


Inaugural Address

I began this blog initially because I grew tired of selectively parsing those addressees from my Outlook to determine who would get the first chance to delete my daily rantings about the issues that challenge us today. The past 10 years have defined for me an entirely new genus of modern thinkers, and non-thinkers. It is the latter group with whom I have the most concern. Philosophy was taught to me as the love of knowledge. This age of individualistic entitlement has set a new standard for the reverence of partisan ignorance.

Self-imposed segregation has extended far beyond the limits of streets, schools, churches, language and music. The recent devolution of our society has been manifested in an intellectual lemming syndrome. Large portions of every generation have pre-determined the easiest path to intellectual irresponsibility. A lack of critical knowledge has actually become a pre-requisite for contemporary popular culture icons. The cult of personality has never been more powerful and the American populist approval of insubstantive public figures has reached a sickening point. It is as primal as selecting a sports team, a fighter in the UFC octagon or a political candidate. The formula is simple…

 1) Read the stats sheet.

2) Study intently for 4.3 seconds how the subject looks in a carefully choreographed promotional piece

3) View a 15 second commercial on pre-determined candidate

4) Establish if you have any geographical or otherwise meaningless coincidental affiliation with said candidate. While at Costco, read the cover of any books written by or about this individual.

5) Ignore any departures from the truth, reality or uncommon sense if the facts appear to differ from your own understanding.

6) Only watch the news outlets and media forums that agree with you or your new candidate’s agenda.

7)  Make a completely unqualified and unsubstantiated decision to place your hopes, aspirations, tax dollars, safety and liberty in the hands of this oxygen thief, and BINGO…start building the Presidential Library.

Those who know me, regard me as a brash and bold man of issues. Those who don’t know me call me a conservative or a right-wing Republican, and they will likely burrow through my life to discredit me with the ultimate goal of satisfying their own self-fulfilling prophecy. In the interim, the only thing that will save me from the conservative and liberal smear wehrmacht is my irrelevance. We will know when I am consistently correct, when they start the attempts to discredit me.

The purpose of this blog is to elucidate various topical issues for its readers in my own version of uncommon sense. I will attempt to do so with a minimal standard of humility, self-deprecation and fear. Although I do not particularly identify myself with a religion or a traditional faith, I have been a student of scripture, Jewish, Gentile and Muslim alike. Fear in the Old Testament was meant to be known as knowledge or respect. In that regard, I fear the power of the modern dissenting mob. All too often, they manifest themselves as ‘progressives’, when reality bears that they are radicals dressed as self-appointed arbiters of right/wrong, victim/assailant, rich/poor, fair/un-fair, just/un-just and black or white. This is not to say that uber-conservatives are not as nefarious, just less organized and with different goals.

My intent is to reveal whenever possible, my version of story behind the story in the time it would take you to watch Katie Couric lose another 10,000 viewers. I promise to ensure no level of fact, verification or journalistic balance, although I will attempt to support my positions with available sources. I have no duty to anything or anyone other than my conscience, my family and my Country. Honor is the only thing you grant to yourself, that no one can take away. It is that honor that I seek to serve and that which compels me to provide this candid and entertaining forum.

Please comment, object, agree or correct. This is an open dialogue that seeks to help us all not learn what to think, rather how to think.

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