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DID:  Domestic Internal Defense – A strategic mission dedicated to the education, empowerment and intellectual armament of the US citizenry behind the Founding Principles of limited government and against the forces of tyranny.

Federalism:   “There are three major types of government in the place in the world today. The most prevalent is the unitary system. In a unitary system, power is held at the national level, with very little power being held in political subdivisions, such as provinces, counties, parishes, or towns. The least common is the confederation. Confederations are unions of equal states, with some power being held at the national level. Generally, it has been found that conflicting interests lead to the break-down of confederations.

The third major system is the federal system. In a federal system, the national government holds significant power, but the smaller political subdivisions (states) also hold significant power. The United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil are examples of federal systems.”

SCIF:  Sensitive and Critical Information Forum – a litany of intelligence sources that typically escape the focus of the typical propaganda outlets.

 Laffer Curve:  The notion that punitive taxes eventually decrease the total revenue by reducing the volume of items taxed, thereby necessitating an increase in the tax rate to maintain revenues.  See also Law of Diminishing Returns.

Keynesian Economics:

Fiscal policy:

Quantitative easing: Reducing the restriction on the amount of money that can be printed in a given cycle by the US Treasury. The result is a devaluation of the US Dollar.

NAFTA:  North American Free Trade Agreement

Presidential Battleground StatesPivotal states that carry strategic significance during the race to collect electoral votes.  These states are typically indicators for how the rest of the country will vote. New Hampshire, South Carolina, Virginia and Florida are early barometers on election day, because these states have been historically predictive and they enjoy the east cost ‘time-slot’.  Ohio, Colorado and Louisiana have enough independents and electoral votes to positition themselves ight in the cross-hairs of campaign snipers.


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