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Social Engineers at Work Again in the White House – Solar City

September 15, 2011

For the record, I am a sincere fan of solar power supplementation. Residents of San Diego and Orange County experienced first hand, the limitations of our inadequate power grid infrastructure. Incidentally, I did not identify any components of Barack Obama’s Stimulus II plan designed address our energy infrastructure. If he really wanted to present a plan without politics or games, he would have presented a proposal to build nuclear power plants (as he once promised), petroleum refineries and power grid enhancements. I can’t think of anything that would make the United States more competitive, but I digress.  Solar power, while ideologically and theoretically “pure,” is merely a paltry supplement to an energy equation that remains dreadfully unbalanced.  The problem with solar is not market acceptance, rather market reason.  The labor (union), energy and regulatory costs in this country have made the production of solar power resources economically impractical.  As a result, Americans need cheaper and practical energy from coal, oil, nuclear and natural gas.  The liberal ideology of the left is preventing Barrack Obama from supporting the very policies that would make cost-effective production of solar power products possible, by preventing development of the energy infrastructure available to us today.  His problem is that he wants to build a solar power industry with energy produced from solar power.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Solyndra has exposed this contradiction.

Now, the White House has finally discovered a useful liberal purpose for the military, aside from being convenient backdrops for photo ops when BHO is flagging in the polls.  Bill Clinton did the same thing, but at least he didn’t leave 140,000 service members in foreign wars without a plan to win, unless you count Kosovo and the Balkans.  However, both Presidents found usefulness in the military that had nothing to do with their Constitutional Oath to support and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  To his credit, President Obama overturned the despicable policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell that served as the cornerstone of Clinton’s social engineering platform.  Liberals and GLBT advocates seem to forget that it was a liberal democrat that infringed on their civil rights, while they continue to demonize republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party.  Obama’s religion has but two covenants: 1) Class warfare and 2) Ecological Extortionism.  These two covenants serve as the basis for his political, social, judicial, fiscal and legislative tenets.  The US Constitution stands as an un-just impediment to his dream of redistributing the sacrifices of 250 years of Americans to the rest of the world who did nothing to deserve the product.  Those service members and veterans who have continued to bear the burden of sacrifice to defend our Constitution are the vanguard of our rights, and therefore serve as an inconvenient foil to Obama’s dream.  That has not prevented him from finding a way to exploit them individually as public relations hostages, and collectively as a budgetary honeypot for his social engineering dreams.

On the toes of the Solyndra stimulus loan scandal, the Obama White House bypassed the supply-side economic equation and issued a contract from the Department of Defense to create artificial demand for the solar energy scam.  This week, the Administration announced  a contract agreement with Solar City that amounts to approximately $1,ooo,000,000 to refit select military bases with solar energy systems.  The President’s Venture Socialist goal is to transition 25% of energy consumption on these bases to solar energy sources.  The very premise of this goal is ludicrous on its face, because the objective is completely arbitrary.  It cites no cost base reduction estimates or other benefits, other than the liberal ideological holy grail of “good intentions.”  Another notable bit of lunacy is the President’s fanatic desire to take credit for a contract that should have been adjudicated by the Defense Department.  The Left has pilloried Bush 41 and 43 for decades for their supposed support of the oil industry, yet the US never exploited any of the Iraqi oil reserves.  In this case, Barack Obama is actively manipulating a major government department to further a political and social agenda, in spite of economic futility associated with so-called “green energy.”  Conspicuously, the White House has said nothing of the impact on conventional energy prices due to the US currency inflation resulting from 30 months of stimulus programs, disastrous Treasury policy, anemic economic growth and printing of money.  Imagine how much money could be saved if gasoline reverted to the $1.73/gallon as it was in 2008 when Obama was elected.  That would be a $500 BB stimulus to the entire economy.

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