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Photograph Interpretation


Photograph interpretation is a keystone of intelligence validation.  Surveillance, target acquisition, force estimates and damage assessment are critical to analyzing the relative success or failure of a mission.  In this feature, we will examine and interpret the photos and images that bombard us in a subliminal manner on a daily basis.  A public comment period will be permitted before we post our commentary.

Political Context:  Over the past few months, the Obama administration has been receiving intense pressure surrounding his foreign policy, vis-a-vis the use of the US Military.  On the heels of a failed GTMO closure decree, a controversial Nobel Piece Prize award, a plea for more forces from the field commanders in Afghanistan, the disingenuous reduction of the F-22 program, implementation of draconian Rules of Engagement that have resulted in the deaths of US service members and admonishment from gay rights advocates over ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, President Obama is engaging in an all out military-motif PR blitz. 


President Barack Obama signs the Veterans Health Care Budget - October 22, 2009


President Obama hedges on his position on Afghanistan - Oct 26. 2009

Dignified Transfer
The President attends the transfer of Afghanistan KIA , October 29, 2009

During our National Anthem at Arlington National Cemetary

Hu didn't bow back

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