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Genius Strategy

February 18, 2011

So. I think I have discovered a perfect solution to liberalism. All we have to do is introduce similar union-reform legislation in the US House of Representatives and all of the Democrats will flee to Canada. After all, Bill Clinton set the precedent when he fled the draft. It sounds like a perfect solution to me.

More to follow.


Second Amendment Eloquence

January 5, 2011

There is not another person on this green Earth that could better substantiate the relevance and importance of the right to defend oneself with a firearm. All of the scholars and self-appointed Constitutional professors in Washington, DC are muted by the simple eloquence of one Mr. Ted Nugent. I derive some personal satisfaction that this discussion took place on PBS. I give them credit for at least hosting the conversation. The candid laughter of the crew suggests that even liberals can see the common sense of Uncle Ted’s message.


Busy Schedule for POTUS

December 13, 2010


The US Postal Service unveiled the newest first class stamp in their inventory today. The image was an icon of global freedom and undeniable virtue. The authorization for this stamp bearing the image of the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Wilson Reagan, was signed by Barrack Obama. For some reason, President Obama was unable to attend the ceremony. Understandably, the duties of POTUS are incessant and demanding.  Apparently, basketball takes precedence over protocol.  It is not surprising.  If Obama couldn’t find three seconds to salute SSgt Guito after awarding him the Medal of Honor, why would he find time to honor the greatest President in the Modern Era?

Monday, December 13 2010

All Times ET Next .

9:30 am – The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing Oval Office/Closed Press
10:35 am – The President signs the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010; the President and the First Lady deliver remarks Harriet Tubman Elementary SchoolPooled TV, Open to Correspondents.

11:25 am – The President meets with senior advisors Oval Office/Closed Press
2:45 pm – The President participates in a service project with Lakers coaches and staff and DC-area youth
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington/Travel Pool Coverage

3:10 pm The President delivers remarks honoring the NBA Championship Lakers
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington/Open Press

4:00 pm The President meets with UN Ambassadors Cabinet Room/Closed Press
4:30 pm The President and the Vice President meet with Secretary Gates/Oval Office
Closed Press

5:40 pm The President attends the Diplomatic Corps Holiday Reception State Department/Pooled Press

Thank you Mr. President…Reagan

The Los Angeles Lakers flew to Washington, DC for their appearance with the President.  US Postal Service ceremony honoring the Ronald Reagan Centennial was held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA;  thirty minutes north of the Staples Center…in Los Angeles.  Something tells me that both could have been done at the same location.

Don’t call it “Reverse Racism”

July 21, 2010

In the last two days, this video of Shirley Sherrod has soiled the image of three American institutions.  I posted the YouTube when it surfaced, without commentary.  Today, I’m glad that I did so.  My initial reaction was one visceral incredulity.  One week after Michelle Obama stoked the fires of racial rhetoric at an NAACP conference by encouraging them to be more vigilant in their agenda, Breitbart TV released this video of hypocritical racism within their ranks.  Breitbart acknowledges that the clip was idle for a few months because of the relative irrelevance.  In the wake of the the NAACP’s resolution decreeing that TEA Party groups are inherently racist, Breitbart took a page from Media Matters and posted this clip out of context.  The reaction was fierce and vociferous on all sides.  Sherrod was fired and Obama supported the decision, despite an absence of a call for her ouster.

Some say, “Not so fast”.  A longer clip of this one has surfaced revealing that Sherrod’s presentation to the NAACP was a revelation for her, as a result of the interaction she had with a white farmer who was in need of foreclosure assistance several years ago.  The sentiment from the left is one of shock, embarrassment and outrage that their time-honored tactics of hyperbole and non-contextual ridicule was used on them with such great effect.  The damage control campaign is in full effect, but the impact has already been made.  The Obama administration has once again demonstrated its proclivity for hasty mismanagement.  The media has been exposed for their duplicity and ineptitude.  Most of all, Shirley Sherrod has been revealed as a latent racist with tendencies to abuse her position on the basis of personal bias.  Even her ‘epiphany’ was disturbing.  The Left is acting as though she is exonerated and they were “snookered” because her personal resolution was on the basis of class and income, rather than race.

Great!  So the NAACP and Sherrod aren’t saying anymore that it is acceptable and humorous to abuse one’s power on the basis of race.  Instead, the argument is that discrimination and inequity are acceptable if you make more money than what she and the NAACP deems appropriate.  This attitude of class warfare is completely congruent with the President’s redistribution platform.  Glen Beck and Andrew Breitbart have both stated for the record that Sherrod shouldn’t be fired or indicted by public opinion because of her statements.  Most made a similar protest when Don Imus described the Rutgers women’s basketball team as a bunch of tattooed, nappy-headed hoes, during a less than sensitive riff on his radio show.  For the record, his description was borrowed from the parlance of the mostly black , gangster rap culture.  Regardless, Imus’ imprudent comments were no justification for his sacking.  Sherrod, by contrast, described in detail her racist bias and her class warfare sentiment, but I don’t feel that it was justified for the White House to sacrifice her without a full and temperate investigation.  Either way, Breitbart’s original posting of the video was no worse than anything that George Soros’ Media Matters does on a daily basis.  I would argue that Sherrod’s comments are very revealing and the exclusively NAACP audience’s jocular and approving reaction to her story of white diminution was a fair indictment of the group as a whole.

Perhaps she should hire a black lawyer, so one of “her kind” can help her get her job back.

Do you have some BS you want to remove from your life?

July 17, 2010

Obama’s Department of Justice dropped charges against this guy?

July 7, 2010

The State of the Union address you missed

June 21, 2010